Lectures and Classes


I. The Book of Genesis in Light of Archaeology

1. Archaeological and Historical Introduction 2100-586BCE

2. The Tower of Babel: the Archaeological Background of the Story

3. Abraham: the Father of All Nations in His Historical and Archaeological Milieu

4. Abraham the Hero - Abraham the Pious: Historical and Archaeological Observations; Abraham's Covenant with the Lord in Light of Ancient Near Eastern Texts.

NOTE: Some of the lectures will be accompanied by a slide show.


II. The mysterious History of the Crown of Aleppo.

The oldest and the most authentic manuscript of the Hebrew Bible.(950 AD)


III. Biblical Hebrew Lexicography in the light of Ancient Mesopotamian inscriptions

understanding the Bible and its language in a new and different manner.


IV. The prophets of Biblical Israel, Social and moral revolutionaries.



V. "Operation Esther" The Opening of the door for the last Jews in Yemen (1989-1993)

An incredible story of human rights who rescue without any political powers, 1500 an indigenous Jewish population, where governments and Jewish organization could not do for 30 years (with 10' promo) and slides.


VI. Classes in Hebrew language and grammar

Adapted for:

" Teachers and faculties of Hebrew schools.
" Adults who have basic Hebrew language skills.
" Seminary and university students who prepare themselves either for the ministery or for the academia.




Ambassador David Ransom with Prof. HayimTawil.