The Rose and the Thorns


Book Description
Publication Date: Jerusalem 1997

The Rose and the Thorn is an historical novel based on true events that portrays the early settlements of the Jews of Yemen in Israel 1882-1950.It covers three periods ,the Ottoman, The British Mandate and the recreation of the Jewish State. The events are being narrated through the Tawil's family that describes the amazing story of 4 generation .The book is written by a father and a son, Joseph and Hayim Tawil in Hebrew and it was self-published in Jerusalem, 1997.

Joseph Tawil as a police man at the Eicheman's trial in Jerusalem, 1960


Joseph and Esther Tawil 1936


Joseph Tawil and his great grand-daughter Gal, Jerusalem, 1995



Joseph Halevy and Tawil visiting the humble home of the only Jew who remained in Saana, Yehuda ztadok. 1989